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The holiday season is all about giving, but here’s a little secret: giving yourself the gift of ordering your Christmas packaging early can make the season a little merrier, perhaps and definitely more sustainable for both you and the planet!
Firstly, early birds catch the best worms. Ordering your packaging well in advance means you’ll have a wider range of options to choose from. You can select the perfect designs, materials, and sizes without the stress of last-minute decisions. Plus, it can help you secure better deals and avoid extra costs that come with panic decisions.
But that’s not all. When you plan ahead, you also contribute to a greener Christmas. By ordering early, you give suppliers ample time to source and produce sustainable packaging options. This means you can prioritize eco-friendly materials and reduce your environmental footprint during the holiday rush.

Design Flexibility:
Ordering packaging early allows for ample time to brainstorm, tweak, and finalize your packaging designs. You can experiment with different concepts, get feedback, and make necessary changes without feeling rushed. This creative freedom can lead to stunning and memorable packaging that truly captures the holiday spirit. Good packaging design is your ‘Silent Salesperson’ so its important at Christmas when the shelves are packed with competition that your branding is shouting the loudest.

Managing Multiple SKUs:
If your product lineup includes various sizes, styles, or versions, early planning is a game-changer. How many times have we ‘settled’ for one design for all our flavours / scents / sku’s because there’s not enough time to decide anything else. Early consideration enables you to efficiently manage multiple SKUs by ensuring that each one has the right packaging, reducing the risk of confusion or errors during the busy holiday season. The end result is happy customers who have clear choices & potential disappointment is avoided.

Sustainable Substrate Selection:
Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers. With early planning, you can explore and choose the most sustainable substrates and printing processes for your packaging. This might involve sourcing recycled materials, opting for biodegradable options, or minimizing excess packaging. Buyers are becoming more ecologically savvy and every element of sustainability in your product does not go unnoticed & may just be the differentiator when it comes to the consumer’s decision.

Eco-Friendly Shipping:
Rushed orders often result in expedited shipping, which can contribute to increased carbon emissions. Ordering early allows you to plan for eco-friendly shipping methods, consolidate shipments, and potentially utilize more sustainable transportation options, reducing your carbon footprint. This benefits both the producer and the client as lower emissions are a priority for all.

Less Last-Minute Panic:
Lastly, the most significant benefit of early planning is avoiding the last-minute panic. Rushing around, burning fossil fuels on urgent deliveries, and risking packaging mistakes can be stressful and costly. Early preparation ensures a smoother and more environmentally conscious holiday season. Maybe even a few less palpitations?

Remember, change is possible when we take action early. So, seize the opportunity to order your Christmas packaging in advance.
By considering these five elements early in your Christmas packaging preparations, you not only set yourself up for success but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier holiday season. So, take a deep breath, plan, and curate for yourself a festive and environmentally responsible celebration! 🌟🌲🌍